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Bring the SSOP into your practice or laboratory

Are you keen to support and further develop your employees? To have a team that understands each other, a team that works together efficiently? Then bring the SWISS SCHOOL OF PROSTHETICS into your laboratory or your practice. We will expand your knowledge of removable dentures. Our teachers will come to strengthen your anatomical and prosthetic knowledge as well as your technical know-how. This way, practice and laboratory processes can be optimized through knowledge. Simply choose the right program for you and we will take care of the next steps. Or just select the individual consultation option and we will work together to achieve your goal.

Benefits of in-house training

You can support your employees with targeted training to make their daily work even more efficient. This adds to satisfaction, not only in the team.

Our existing materials and aids can be incorporated directly into the in-house training courses by our teachers. This also allows laboratory processes to be optimized at the same time.

In-house training involves less stress and time for the participants and offers an interesting cost-benefit option.

The choice is yours!

For us to provide you with the best possible support, you can choose the in-house training course that best suits your needs for you and your laboratory. Are you not too sure? Then contact us or make an online appointment directly with our experts.

Further education training courses from our program

Choose what you need from our portfolio of training courses. Through close consultation and interaction between participants and teachers, we ensure a lasting learning experience.

Consulting – let us advise you

Are you undecided about what exactly will lead your team to success? Then we recommend consulting with our SSOP. Here, processes are scrutinized and a customized training plan is drawn up for your team.

In-house offers are particularly interesting for laboratories that wish to train several technicians or their entire department at the same time. Our expertise here is that we can respond individually to laboratory-specific conditions.

Uwe Riegel, Head of Sales Germany

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