The technical foundation of full dentures

Full dentures is a frequently underestimated but nevertheless challenging form of restoration that restores primary functionality and the orofacial effect for the patient’s environment. The anatomical and prosthetic knowledge of the types and execution of the clinical and technical working steps that are required for crafted high-quality full dentures will be refreshed and consolidated.

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  • The fundamentals: Support and position stability
  • Situation model
  • Functional tray
  • Functional model, pre-bite registration
  • Esthetic control templates
  • Intraoral support pin registration templates
  • Registrations, esthetic and functional data carriers, orientation of the models in the articulator
Groupe cible
  • Dental technicians
  • Prosthodontists
Expérience conseillée
  • Advanced 3-5 Jahre
  • Expert >5 years

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