Complete prosthetics from A to Z with patient

This live patient course includes a coordinated principle between theory and practical exercises. The contents of our basic courses (GK 1/2, GK 3/4 and GK 5) and advanced courses are performed live on the patient: taking the primary impression, functional impression and determination of the jaw relationship. In this course, the dentist and dental technician teams work independently from the try-in of the denture to its integration.

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At the end of the course, participants will have the ability to present, perform and assess the complex context of treating an edentulous patient as well as to integrate the processes into their everyday routine.

  • Medical history of the patient
  • Support and position stability
  • Anatomic impression and functional impression
  • Pre-bite registration
  • Esthetic control templates
  • Intraoral support pin registration according to GERBER
  • Physiological setup—the principle
  • Model analysis
  • Anterior tooth setup and posterior tooth setup
  • Wax modeling—papillae, tooth necks, and myodynamic denture body design
  • Color characterization
  • Static and dynamic contact relationships – re-occlusion
  • Trimming and finishing
  • Dental technicians
  • Prosthodontists
Aanbevolen ervaring
  • Advanced 3-5 Jahre
  • Expert >5 years


Deze training wordt momenteel niet geadverteerd. We maken graag een offerte op maat voor een in-house training.
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Complete prosthetics from A to Z with patient
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