The invisible denture

Full dentures which are not or only barely visible to others depend on the existing anatomical-physiological conditions. These data are obtained, among other things, with the aid of facial analyses and denture measurements.

The individual position of the anterior teeth of different dentition classes, phonetic aspects and the color characterization of the gingiva are applied to achieve a natural-looking result. In this advanced course, we will elaborate on these topics using an upper and lower jaw anterior situation, from setup to individual completion.

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After successfully completing the course, the participant will be able to classify existing issues and apply the knowledge acquired. The participant will be able to analyze the patient's situation and implement the individual data in efficient, systematic steps, from setup to completion.

  • Determining denture data
  • Full denture orientation aids
  • Selection of anterior teeth
  • Posterior tooth setup
  • Individual shade characterization
  • Finishing
  • Dental technicians
  • Prosthodontists
Aanbevolen ervaring
  • Expert >5 years


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